About the Church

“If you do not understand [the Global System Of ]White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, everything else that you [THINK, you] understand, will only confuse you.”- Neely Fuller Jr.

WARNING: You must be familiar with many of the terms that we use (by reading and studying The United Independent Compensatory Code), otherwise, as the above statement says, you will be confused.

We agree with the Counter Racist compensatory definition of the term Eclectic-Pluralism which can be found on page 253 of the United Independent Compensatory Code /System/Concept, by Neely Fuller Jr.
It is our objective to carry out the full meaning of this term in its entirety, by providing a means to counter-act those parts of other religions that support Racism (White Supremacy). We start that process by first acknowledging the following:

  1. We recognize that the Creator is the All-Power, because such a power is greater than all other powers in the universe as we know it.
  2. We recognize that The Creator exists in all religions.
  3. We recognize that the Creator gave most people the immediate power (a.k.a. will power) to deceive and / or use violence against any breathing thing, and to rearrange non-breathing things as “tools” to acquire compensation for what is lacking.
  4. We recognize that the smartest and most powerful people within the group of people who racially classify themselves as “White”, use deception and violence to dominate and subjugate people whom “White” people classify as “Non-White” on the basis of skin color. We use the compensatory functional term for describing such persons as Racists (White Supremacists).
  5. We recognize that during a course that spans centuries the Racists (White Supremacists) have acquired Superior Power, which is a power “second only to [the] All-Power among the people of the known universe.”
  6. We recognize that the Racists (White Supremacists) have chosen to, and continue to, practice Superior Power (a.k.a White Supremacy) on all of the “Non-White” people in the known universe.
  7. We recognize that possessing such Superior Power makes White Supremacy the most powerful Religion in the known universe.
  8. We recognize that Eclectic-Pluralism should help compensate Victims of White Supremacy for what lacks in protection from White Supremacy in other Religions. Not to say that it can protect “Non-White” people from White Supremacy, but perhaps to only lesson some of its affects.
  9. We recognize that Eclectic-Pluralism is a United Independent Compensatory Concept and therefore has no “leaders” and / or “followers”.
  10. We recognize that White Supremacy must be replaced with Justice.
  11. We recognize that we must reveal the truth in a manner that promotes Justice, and helps the person who needs the most help get the most constructive help that they need.

We hope that our Religion is constructive.

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